Top 5 Fun things to do with your dog this Spring

Top 5 Fun things to do with your dog this Spring

Spring is great getting out and enjoying some quality time with your dog. The weather is near perfect and there are so many ways to seize the day. Instead of hanging around the house, here are our top 5 fun things to do with your dog this spring.


Play Fetch

The best thing about playing fetch is that it fits into almost any part of a day. You may only have a few minutes to spare in between work and chores, but making time for a quick game of fetch is never a bad idea. Pick up a tennis ball or other favorite throwing toy and hit the yard for this perfect opportunity to spend time with your dog.


Head to the shore

The water may still be chilly, but the shoreline is perfect this time of year. Head to the beach for a jog or a nice leisurely walk. It’s a great way to take in the weekend with your canine companion. Plus, you can get a little head start on your tan.


Go for a bushwalk

Bushwalking is one of the best activities you can do with your dog. Tackle the great outdoors with your best furry bud and some snacks. Just make sure to plan out an appropriate trail and to bring plenty of water and snacks


Visit a local park

Parks and spring time go hand in hand. There is no reason not to soak up some sun at the local park. Looking for a good park? Check out the best parks in the Newcastleand Lake Macquarieareas


Go camping

Another great way to spend a weekend with the entire family is to go camping. Before the weather is too hot to spend in a tent, spring is the perfect time for a nice weekend camping. Pack up the trail mix, fireside foods and of course your dog for a weekend in the outdoors.


Tips for Spring Fling Planning:

  • Plan ahead and put them in your calendar
  • Make sure your pet is friendly and likes people/crowds
  • Always make sure they have updated tags and secure collars
  • Take account any anxiety issues your pet may have
  • Abide by all leash and tethering laws that apply in your area
  • They need to be potty trained


Most importantly – have fun! The relationships between people and dogs are so special. Taking time out to include your canine companion in your daily life will only strengthen that bond.

What are some of your favorite spring activities you enjoy with your dog? Let us know in the comments or on our social media!



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