How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called & Other Safety Commands

How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called & Other Safety Commands

Have you ever had your dog dart off and fail to come when you call? It can be a pretty frightening to say the least. Add in a busy street or a stray animal and it can quickly turn into an outright panic. We all know dogs can come when they hear the command, so how do you teach your dog to come on recall? Here are some tips of how to teach your dog to come and other commands that will help keep them safe.


How to Teach Your Dog to Come on Instruction:

  • How to Teach Your Dog to Come When Called & Other Safety CommandsPractice inside or in a quiet fenced in area: You want to make sure that there are not a lot of distractions like neighbourhood kids, other animals, or traffic.
  • Let them get interested in something and walk away a few feet from you.
  • Armed with a treat, back up a few feet from them and in an upbeat and enthusiastic voice call your dog to come.
  • Praise and encourage them for every step they take in your direction. As soon as they stop coming or start to wander away, stop the praise and ignore their behavior. Then when they start to come continue the praise again.
  • After they make it back to you give them exuberant praise and their well earned treat.
  • Let them continue to play for a little while and then repeat the exercise.
  • Lastly, up the ante. Once they’ve been recalling regularly, start using the treat more sparingly. Only offer it for the quickest returns and they’ll start to more closely relate coming back to you when called as time for a reward. Eventually, you can phase out the treat all together, since you often will need them to come back when you don’t have a treat to offer. However, the training process with praise in general, will cement in their brain that coming is a good behaviour.

Just as important as teaching your dog to come on recall, it’s also imperative that they learn a few other basic commands. Try these basic command tutorials to help you learn how to easily teach your dog to sit, stay, and also a video for how help you learn how to get them come when called.

Teaching your dogs these simple commands will help keep them safe and keep their behaviour in check when you’re out or have guests over. Plus, don’t forget our sitters will be happy to work with your pet and keep up with any training while on our walks with your dog. Just make sure to let us know and we’ll make sure to keep up with their training to keep them on the right track.




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