How to keep your indoor cats happy & healthy

How to keep your indoor cats happy & healthy

Our cats are often left inside, sitting in the window looking outside at the sunny day. When it’s nice out we often pack up the family for a day in the park. Leaving our indoor kitties to fend for themselves when it comes to entertainment.

However, they don’t always have to feel left out. Here are some of the best ways to keep your cat stimulated and active. Honestly, playing with your cat can be one of the most fun and entertaining ways to spend an afternoon.


Tap into their natural hunting skills with a game

Set up a small play area in the kitchen or living room. Then hide treats and catnip toys under pillows and blankets. Your cat’s inner hunter-seeker will come out as they pounce and search for the goodies.


Give them new ways to explore

Grab a few cardboard boxes, paper bags, or even a new kitty tree to spice up your cat’s day. If you think they’d like it, let your cat explore a little outside. You can buy them a cat leash and harness so you can give them a little bit of controlled exploration in the yard. Get them used to the leash by introducing it to them before you take them outside. Walk them around the house and give them lots of treats to make it a positive interaction.


Interactive play toys

As much as we love playing with our cats, we’re not always able to stay at home and play. That’s why it’s always good to have some interactive toys on hand to keep your cat stimulated when they are home alone.

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Cat Toy Safety Tips:

  • Do not leave play wands with long ribbons and string out when you’re not home, they could get wrapped up and choke.
  • Put away any toys that may end up a choking hazard; such as, toys with bells tied on the outside, balls of yarn, etic
  • Do not use any interactive toy that will encourage them to jump on counters or break fragile items in the home. You don’t want to come home to a mess

There’s no reason for our indoor cats to feel left out while we’re enjoying the cooler weather. Give them some safe and stimulating toys to keep them active and engaged. Then they’ll be ready for some snuggle time when you get home for the night.

Cat Toy Safety Tricks



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