Keeping Your Pets Safe on New Year’s Eve

Keeping Your Pets Safe on New Year's Eve

As we get ready to celebrate the upcoming year and sit back to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year, we realize just how important family and loved ones are.  This also includes our furry family! Keeping your pets safe during the festivities is just as important as the celebrations themselves. In fact, right after New Year’s is a very busy time for shelters and vets helping pets that have been lost during the ringing in the New Year.



Having tags and microchipping that are updated is imperative for a safe return if your pet happened to get out.  Also, make sure to take a cute holiday picture of them.  Not only will it give you a fond memory to look back on, you will have a recent pic to show neighbors if the unthinkable happens.


Refuge Room Inside

Whether you’re having a party at home or going out with friends, it is a good idea to have a room away from the commotion set up for your pets.  Make sure to include food or treats, toys, and keep a TV or radio on to drown out the noise.  If you have an outdoor pet, bring them in for just the night, set them up in a safe garage or shed (with nothing toxic that they could get into). DO NOT tie them up in the yard, they could easily get frantic and get tied up and/or choke when fireworks start.


Pet Sitter

If you’re going out and have a neighborhood that sets off a lot of fireworks you may want to hire a pet sitter or get boarding. Pets can get into a whole lot of trouble at home alone, especially when they are scared. Hiring a pet sitter is a great idea to make sure they stay safe while you have a good time.


No one wants to start the New Year in a panic or with worry.  There’s no need to worry about keeping your pets safe this holiday season if you employ a few handy tips to keep them protected.


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!Keeping Your Pets Safe on New Year's Eve



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