Helping Your Dog Adjust to Back to School Time

Helping Your Dog Adjust to Back to School Time

A house bustling with activity all day long suddenly turns quiet for long hours of the day. This is what happens when the kids go back to school. And this can leave your dog feeling confused and lonely.  You may even notice a change in appetite and behavior. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help them through this transition.


Give them exercise

When back to school time hits, your dog will mostly feel bored. This is especially true if your children played with them a lot. Combat the boredom with exercise. Try to fit in a little exercise in the morning, or anytime you can throughout the day. The more exercise the better. A tired dog is a sleepy and not bored dog.


Let them be a part of the school shuffle

Teach your dog the word “school” by using it simply and frequently around them. Then when the big first day of school comes, include your pet. Bring them to the bus stop or let them ride in the car for drop off. Use cue words like “time for school,” ”the bus is coming,” or “let’s drop off/pick up the kids.” Your dog will quickly pick up on the cues and it will help to de-stress the situation.


Keep them occupied

Buy them a few new toys, or even better, a new treat puzzle. These will keep them busy throughout the day and their mind off the absence of their favorite companions. Also, if  you can, take a break and play fetch or take them to the dog park during the mid day.


Make them special treats

Make your dog feel special by making them their own special treats. It doesn’t haven’t to be hard either, all you need to do is slice up an apple into small bites on a cookie sheet. Then bake at 250 for about an hour. Or you can go all out and bake them any of these delicious homemade dog treats.


Comfort them with scents

Another easy way to sooth your dog while the kids are away is to put an old shirt of theirs in your dog’s bed. The scent will comfort them while they nap.


Children and pets are often the best of friends. That’s why our dogs feel sad when they are left all alone when school starts. But with a little TLC and consideration, they’ll be just fine.






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