3 Ways To Get Your Pet To Take Their Medicine

As humans, we know when we are sick we really need to take our medicine. Our pets, however, see it a little differently. They know they are sick, but they don’t often understand the medicine or how it works. More than that, they often go into “fasting” mode when they are sick which can make it even harder to get your pet to take their medicine. Luckily, humans are smart and with a few tricks we can usually ensure that they get their medicine.


Hide it in their food

Even the sickest pet may lap up a delectable treat that they aren’t used to. Try food such as butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, deli meats, liverwurst. and spreadable cheese, or cheese in a can (human and canine varieties). These foods can all work well to disguise medications.

However, sometimes even these treats aren’t enough to make our pets take their pills. They may spit it out right after they taste the pill. That’s when you should offer a primer treat, then another treat with the pill inside of it.

Ask your vet if you can crush up the pill or get a liquid version to hide in their food. Sometimes pets will balk and spit up as soon as soon as they feel the different texture. If you can hide it better by crushing it or using a liquid, they may never know the difference.

Use a pill dropper

The pill dropper is an awesome device that really helps when trying to give your pet a pill. It looks similar to a syringe, but instead of liquid it drops an actual pill down their throat. They work great for pills that cannot be placed into the pet’s food or if your pet keeps spitting out their pilled food. Be careful about how you use the pill dropper because it can cause your pet to gag if you are not careful. Your vet will be more than happy to show you how to use one.


Use your hands

If your pet is frightened by the sight of a pill dropper, you can use your hands instead. Have your pet sit upright in your lap. Tilt the head back, open the mouth, and then drop the pill. Next, gently hold their mouth shut until they swallow it. You may need to also massage their throat and neck area to help the pet swallow the pill. However, be very careful as you do this to prevent choking. They can easily try and hack up the pill, so make sure to hold them securely, but gently.

Giving our pets medicine is not always the easiest thing, but seeing them sick is even harder. That’s why it is important to make sure that they take their prescriptions as needed. If you are having a hard time making sure your pet is taking and keeping their medicine down, then make sure to contact your vet. They will be more than happy to help you find a way to work around it.



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