7 Gifts To Spoil Your Dog This Christmas

There is no better time to spoil your dog than at Christmas. If you are looking for the greatest gifts you can give them this year, then we have the list for you.


7 Gifts To Spoil Your Dog This Christmas

  1. Automatic ball launcher

This is perfect for the hyper dog who just can’t get enough when playing fetch. You no longer have to worry about throwing out your arm or disappointing your dog because your arm tired out after the 50th throw.  The automatic dog launcher will throw ball after ball and never get tired. And don’t worry about your dog exhausting himself with too much play. Most launchers are programmed to stop for 15 minutes, every 15 minutes, so you can spoil your pet with plenty of rest in between all the fetching fun.

  1. Pet Subscription Box

Fun for the whole year! This “pawsome” subscription will bring boxes of toys and chews to your loved one’s door for 12 months. Your pup will not only be spoiled on Christmas but all year round.

  1. Cooling Mat

On hot summer days & nights, this would be the perfect way to curl up and relax. That is why a self-cooling bed would make an excellent Christmas gift. 

  1. Interactive pet camera treat dispenser

This is a great gift because you can spoil your dog from anywhere. Open up the app on your smartphone or tablet you can “call” your pet and video chat with them. At the end of the call, you can give them a reward that comes right out of the bottom of the camera. Put it near their food bowls and they’ll come running every time it rings.

  1. Gourmet Christmas cake

The way to a dog’s heart is through their stomach, that’s why they are man’s best friends. Visit your local pet bakery and have them make a special cake just for your dog to eat on Christmas. Just be aware that they will definitely be spoiled after having a cake all to themselves.

  1. Gift certificate to a dog spa and/or massage

Did you know that our dogs can love a good massage, too? And it is actually really good for them as well. It promotes circulation and helps with sore muscles or arthritis pain. Find a local doggy spa and check out their services. If you don’t think a massage is right for your dog then look at other things like playgroups, spa grooming treatments, and more.

  1. Giant dog house

Make your dog the envy of the neighborhood with their very own giant dog house. You can buy one online or at the pet store that your pet is sure to love. However, if you are handy, then you can make a custom design just for them. Maybe even model it after your own home with a verandah and everything.


Any of these high-class gifts are perfect for your spoiled fur baby. After all, what pet parent doesn’t love to spoil their dogs with gifts and affection?




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