How To Create Personalized Ornaments For Your Dog

There’s nothing like hanging up your special ornaments on your tree each year. What could be more special than having a personalized ornament of your dog to put on your tree each year?

There are a few different ways to create these special keepsakes that you can have or gift to loved ones to enjoy every Christmas.


Make a paw print keepsake

One of the cutest ornaments you can have from your pet. You can make one with non-toxic clay; they have perfect kits just for this. Roll out the clay and firmly place your dog’s paw into it and allow it to dry (sometimes in the oven). DO NOT USE SALT DOUGH. These ornaments are fine for children’s crafts but are toxic to our dogs if they are accidentally eaten.

You can also use non-toxic paint to dab a print onto a small canvas or piece of felt. Tie a ribbon around it and put their name and the date on it. You’ll love this ornament for years to come.


Create a picture ornament

If your pet balks at the idea of having their paw pressed into clay or paint, then a picture ornament is a great idea. Take a picture of them and put it in a wooden frame with a rope. Paint their name and the year on it so you’ll always remember them. You can also use your printer and wax paper to transfer their image onto a class or wooden ornament too.


Block name ball

Grab a DIY ornament ball at the store and a pack of wooden or plastic block letters. Glue the letters together to create their name, but make sure it is small enough to fit in the ball. Throw in a few trinkets like tiny ceramic dog bones, silver paw prints or a small figurine of their breed. Then string it up with a special dog inspired ribbon for a truly creative personalized ornament.


Order one a special custom design online

If you’re not the crafty type, but still want a personalized ornament, don’t worry! There are tons of online resources for you. You can go online to Etsy to find some of the cutest designs or even places like Walmart’s photo centre to have your pet immortalized as an ornament.

Unpacking your favourite ornaments every year is a very special time. It brings back fond memories of Christmas’ past and our loved ones. Sadly, our pets only have a limited amount of holidays with us and making a keepsake for them is a perfect way to remember all the good times we have had with them. You can hang it up on the tree year after year and smile every time that you look at it.

What is your favourite pet ornament? Did you make it yourself or buy one online? Comment below and let us know! Or, even better, share your pic on our Facebook page. We’d love to see your pictures!




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