How much do Pet Sitters cost in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie?

How do I choose what’s right for my pet?

Trip booked? Check. Leave booked? Check. Other arrangements? Check. Wait.. who is going to look after my pet while I’m away?

Have you ever had this problem? Is this why you’re here right now? I need pet care but don’t know where to start.. or who to trust.., what to look for.. Help!

Where to start?

You know your pet better than anyone, their personality and quirks, needs or routines. Do they like other pets? Or do they just want to run and hide.. or worse get aggro at others? Do they get stressed out in foreign locations? Are they needy? or quite independent and happy to chill out on their own? Or tear the place apart the second you leave their sight?

Taking these things into consideration – what options are there?

Traditional Boarding Kennels

Kennels are for both dogs and cats, though cats do seem to have a harder time adjusting to the surrounding environments sounds, smells and stressors. A typical day is spent in their own run or ‘crate’ (a nicer way of saying cage) with time out to exercise and/or socialise with other dogs while their space is cleaned. Close proximity to other dogs, this can get quite noisy as I’m sure you can imagine!

Home Pet Care / Homestay

This is where the pets go to someone’s home to live with the family, you would have to do a prior visit with your dog to see that they fit well with the family and any pets they may have already. This isn’t usually run as an official business.

Pet Sitters/Overnight Care

This allows your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home and sleep in their own bed – or yours, if that’s the arrangement! Sitters typically visit daily for breakfast and dinner, allowing them out in the morning and tucking them inside at night. Sometimes pets need that extra care and have the sitter stay at the pets home overnight to give them snuggles and be at their beck and call.. bonus points for having the sitter check on your empty house while you’re away!

Who to Trust

When it comes to your precious little ones, you need to be 100% confident you’re leaving them in capable, qualified hands. Always check out any prospective carer online, whether they have a Facebook and/or website (bonus points!) to see any reviews and get a feel for the company. Just having a Facebook can sometimes seem like they’re not that serious about what they’re selling (whether it’s a product or service, house cleaning, accounting or clothing/accessories) and can be hard to find out the relevant information you need, and you don’t want to waste time and effort looking!

Always ask your family/friends/social circle if they have any suggestions – word of mouth is still the most trusted source of recommendations

Things to look for in your pet care provider…

  • History and experience
  • Prompt, professional responses to queries
  • Positive Reviews
  • Are they insured?
  • Suitability – are they a good fit for you and your pet?

So, how much does pet sitting cost in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie?

Let’s save time spending hours searching and researching – shouldn’t this be easy? & have a look at some of the options in the area: All info below is obtained from publicly available sources, fb, website, google etc

Please note that ‘Pet Sitting’ below refers to sitting in the pets home or ‘daily visits’

So, how much does pet sitting cost in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie?

Hang on, why do the costs vary?

Fair question, reasons for costs can include:

  • Staff wages & superannuation
  • Additional training – pet first aid/behavioural etc
  • Business & vehicle insurances
  • Vehicle maintenance & petrol
  • Advertising, website management & software costs
  • Sundry costs: uniforms, poop bags etc..  Being able to be self-sufficient as a business ensures ongoing, reliable service to our clients
  • If price is too good to be true.. consider if it’s a real business, or a ‘hobby’ Perhaps it’s big business paying minimum wage, then taking their cut?


How to choose your pet care – things to take into consideration:

  • Pets ages
  • Comfort levels/anxiety & around other dogs/new places dog’s behaviour are they friendly or destroy things? Separation anxiety
  • Any health issues – good immune system? Allergies?
  • Happy to be in a crate for a portion of the day & night?
  • Location of kennel, do they have a taxi service etc?
  • Quality of kennel – inspection & reputation
  • Personal preference, would you rather your pet at home? (house security check etc)
  • Quality of pet care provider – do you trust them, do they have a positive track record? Are they a legitimate business and know what to do in an emergency etc? Mature?
  • Ease of booking & communication with sitter/kennel

No matter which option you decide, ensure you make arrangements in advance to allow time to meet & greet and feel happy and comfortable with your decision. Your pets are precious to you, they should be treated as such.

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